Day 249–Mulligan

If I had to do it over again, with full assurance that I’d end up married to Abby and as an aspiring minister/teacher, I wouldn’t be a Biology major. Yes, I like science, and chemistry is something at which I’m very good, but I’ve discovered over the last few years that I love history. Science was always an easy out–something I had an affinity for doing that would in theory lead to a lot of money–but I’m not sure I ever had a passion for it. Dr. Perry Reeves, my o-chem professor and pre-med advisor, described it as “a fire in your gut.” Never had the fire for the sciences (especially physics…blech) but I’ve always loved God and loved the past. If I had to do it over, I’d be a European history major. I miss all of the information I’ve slowly leeched out since high school, and the History Channel appears to be going the way of MTV and not actually showing anything involving history anymore. Who knows…maybe I’ll end up taking some classes for fun. Never too old to learn!

Breakfast–More Honey Nut Cheerios! Still wonderful!

Lunch–Leftovers in the form of “pulled pork” sandwiches.  I took leftover pork loin, diced it up with some yellow onion, sauteed them all together with salt, pepper, and a bit of cayenne, and then let it simmer in some barbecue sauce for a while.  Threw the mixture on top of extra slider rolls from yesterday, and devoured. Delicious.

Exercise–A brief jaunt on the treadmill and some weightlifting.  Burned off around 200 calories…should help reactivate my metabolism.  Although, for a NSV (non-scale victory) I trimmed my beard down today and I look thinner than I have in a good long while. Makes me feel good and motivated!

Snack–Part of my trip to Whole Foods yesterday bore fruit in what WF calls a Brownie Parfait: brownie bites, chocolate mousse, and some whipped cream. Oh. My. Word.  It’s amazing.  I ate a very small fraction of it for a snack…finished it off for dessert after dinner.

Dinner–Pei Wei, although the PW in Highlands Ranch appears to be perpetually off its game. Last time Abby’s food was cold, and this time they kept giving the wrong food to the wrong tables and somehow completely forgot about ours. So by the time I got my food, I was slightly irritated. Oh well…still fantastic. And warm. I had the Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables with fried rice, and only ate a little over half of it, grabbed some of Abby’s extra brown rice, and now I have lunch for tomorrow. Huzzah!

Dessert–Parfait. Everybody likes parfait!

Tomorrow we go to the Rockies game, and we have gourmet hot dogs (not at the Rockies game…Living Social deal) for dinner.


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