Day 247–Firewood!

One of the things that I’m not used to thinking about is inclement winter weather. As in, “if something goes horribly wrong and it snows 4 feet and the power goes out, are we prepared?”  Usually my thought process is “if it snows half an inch, will they cancel school for a week?” So today I began the process of getting us prepared. Hopefully we won’t ever be forced to use anything and it will be our choice to have a fire, eat sandwiches, etc. but better safe than sorry.  That being said…today I bought a small arsenal of firewood!  I was inspired by the fact it didn’t get over 55 today, but of course its going to get back up to around 80 by the weekend. At least we have it!

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields.  Went to the well too many times…it got old. So I brought in some reinforcements: Honey Nut Cheerios! They’re good. I’m gonna eat them.

Lunch–Wendy’s! The bread was frozen, I was too lazy to use and then clean the dishes…so Wendy’s is a 5 minute drive away and the winner by default.  I decided to be smart this time and I did a lot of research beforehand for a healthier meal.  I had the spicy chicken sandwich, no mayo, and I only ate half the bun.  To go with it, I got the spicy chicken nuggets, but I only ate four of them torn up on top of my side salad! Nathan MacDonald always does a great job of getting salads with his meals, and its just something I don’t think of very often. So I got the salad, with a pomegranate vinaigrette, and the whole thing was a little under 600 calories.  Not too bad! (And all of that is cheaper than my usual combo spicy chicken sandwich. Holla.)

Snack–Black Cherry Chobani with some black cherry Black Hills honey. Delicious.

Dinner–Barbecue panko chicken fingers, garlic sauteed fresh green beans, and red swiss chard with pomegranate seeds, some yellow onion, and some sweet-spicy bacon pieces. I made a whole batch of bacon earlier and used a couple of slices in this meal. That’s the way to do it to save time! The chard was…okay.  Kale is better, but the kale at Safeway looked SKETCH the last time I was there, so we experimented. Not a fan…too earthy.

Dessert–Since I had some calories to spare (and we were watching Top Chef Just Desserts…) I had a Breyers Ice Cream sandwich with a small dab of chocolate icing on it to add some chocolate flair. It was really REALLY good.

No exercise today because it rained all day to go with the cooler weather. Hopefully I’ll get back on the horse tomorrow!


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