Day 246–Cold Front

Abby and I are pretty excited about this weekend.

Because one of my life’s great desires has always been to live in Colorado, I developed a liking for most of the sports teams up here.  The only one I’ve really been able to say that I “love” would be the Rockies, because lets face it: until the last 3-4 years, the Rangers hadn’t done much to keep my complete loyalty.  Still a Rangers fan, stayed up to watch Kenny Rogers’ perfect game, stayed up to watch them clinch the division all three times in the 90s, but I never had a deep abiding passion for them (or even baseball) until the last couple of years.  So the Rockies snuck their way into my hearts, and when they got slaughtered in the World Series in 2007, I felt like it was MY team that received the beat down. Which, oddly enough, I actually got to experience last year with the Rangers.

So, because I like the Rockies, we decided to splurge a little bit and get tickets to a game at Coors Field. Since the season is winding down rapidly, we had limited options. Therefore, we settled on this Saturday against the Giants (which again, oddly enough, was the opponent of the last baseball game I saw. In the World Series. Against the Rangers. *Twilight Zone music*) for our first game. And then as luck would have it, Abby’s office gave us free tickets to the game next Tuesday against the Padres. Two Rockies games in 4 days. Bring it!

So I was looking at the weather for the weekend to see how to properly dress for an outdoor game when its cold (something that used to happen occasionally with the Cowboys but thats about it) and couldn’t even concentrate on the temperature for the weekend because tomorrow it’s supposed to be a high of 59. 59! I’m not sure it ever got that cold during the “winter” in Houston. Even the snow day we had–you know, the one where it never snowed–felt like it was really 60. Needless to say, I’m THRILLED its starting to get a bit colder. And in case you were wondering, high of 81 on Saturday. Play ball.

Breakfast–Strawberry Eggo/Nutella wafflewich. It was a special breakfast because…

Interview–That’s right. Job interview. Granted, its just substitute teaching, but every little bit will help.  It went really well, and I love the school.  I hope it works out!

Lunch–Ramen.  The usual, only with fresh organic green beans instead of mushrooms or bell pepper.  It’s still REALLY good. Spicy, salty…good stuff.

Dinner–Beau Jo’s.  So I celebrated a bit much for today. Whatever…its a huge weight off my shoulders just to get anything moving forward.  Getting ignored for a month wasn’t good for the psyche. We had the Sausage combo on wheat, which was actually just as good as the white.

Dessert–Pizza crust with Rocky Mountain Honey.  SO. SO. GOOD.  RMH is just amazing…if I could find it in flavors like the Black Hills honey we got in South Dakota I might explode with joy.

If you made it all the way through this post, gold star! And share with your friends…the more accountability I have, the better results I’ll get as we continue to try to lose weight!


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