Day 245–Lunges

I haven’t slept very well for the last two or three days, presumably because of stress.  I haven’t had hardly any caffeine, and the little bit that I did have was for lunch. I’ve exercised consistently, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. It’s getting a little bit out of control, because no matter how tired I am when we go to bed, I can’t fall asleep until 1:30 am or so. It’s getting old.

So because of this little hiccup, I haven’t been getting up and moving very early.  I wish I was, especially since I would get to spend more time with Abby, but I’m not overly functional in the mornings. It throws my whole day off.  So today the only exercise I had was some free weights, because I’ve felt lethargic and a bit sore from the bad sleep.  I hope tonight is better!

Breakfast–Pop tarts.  I know, they aren’t good for you. At all.  But I really did plan on working out today until I felt a bit like death. So while I didn’t start out strong today, I knew what I had done and acted accordingly.

Lunch–One PBJ on wheat and some of the spice rubbed chips. In fact I ate the last serving. It was sad.

Exercise–Here’s the free weights.  I did come curls, bicep and tricep, some lunges, chest press…just a sold tune-up.  Tomorrow there should be a good walk/run involved if the weather permits.

Snack–Some dried mango.  Literally like candy…which means it probably has the sugar content of candy.  At least there’s fiber?

Dinner–Breakfast tacos!  Three eggs, half a poblano, half an onion, a red potato, and three corn tortillas.  They were REALLY REALLY good. And while I was making/eating the US Open final was on, which was some incredible tennis.  Novak Djokovic is an animal. One of the more entertaining afternoons I’ve had by myself.

Dessert–Finished off the cake. Abby and I split the last piece.  I’m glad I made it, because it really was good and a nice treat, but I’ll hold off on making any more anytime soon.


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