Day 243–Glory Glory Man United

I would have said Hook ‘Em, but this game isn’t going so well right now.  I reserve the right to use Hook Em tomorrow. You’ve been informed.

I had a horrible time trying to get to sleep last night, as our neighbor’s dog decided to be irritated by the wind until about midnight, barking incessantly. When I finally did get to sleep, it was only a few hours later when London decided we had slept too long and starting whining, culminating in batting the spring-loaded doorstop back and forth until I finally got up and let her in.  I also thumped her on the head as she ran by into the room, so I’ll call it even.  By the time I finally got up from my restless sleep, Abby had already gone on a run, putting me to shame. She, of course, had no problem with the dog and made me get up to take care of the cat, so she was quite rested when she got up. Oh well.

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields. Just a great, great cereal.

Lunch–Some of the leftover “baked potato” soup I made this week.  It’s good stuff…I’m glad Abby doesn’t like it because that’s more for me!

Exercise–We went on a little stroll around the trail, and decided to see where it went. Five miles later, we returned home exhausted but we saw some amazing scenery.  Have I mentioned this is a beautiful place?

Dinner–Subway (eat fresh).  I had the footlong turkey on wheat with bacon, lettuce, onion, green pepper, jalapeno, cucumber, and some black pepper.  Coupled with Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno chips, it was a filling, cheap meal.

Dessert–I had some more cake.  When you work out, you should be able to have some small rewards. So I did.


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