Day 242–Friday’s Post

If you thought the title was boring, wait until you hear about the rest of my day.  I watched tv, and…yep. That’s it. I really need one of the multitude of places I’ve applied to for a job to contact me.

Breakfast–Wafflewich: two strawberry Eggos and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Does a body good.

Lunch–A single peanut butter sandwich (look! I’m learning!) consisting of peanut butter, grape jelly (the classic), and whole wheat bread. I also had some of those wonderful spice-rubbed barbecue chips that I’m somehow incapable of finding anywhere now. Sad day.

Dinner–We went to Noodles and Co., and after standing in line for a while and making no progress whatsoever, we bailed and went some place more efficient.  Next up was Five Star burgers, not to be confused with Five Guys burgers. I’d assume Five Guys is actually really good.  This was more mediocre. I had an underseasoned burger and some sweet potato fries.

Dessert–Oh yeah…I also baked a cake. So TV and cake. This is why I’m fat.

Here’s to a more exciting weekend!


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