Day 241–Soup’s On

I have no problem with summer cooking. Citrus, fruit, fish, salads…all good things. However, I LOVE cooking for cooler weather.  Root vegetables, roasted meats, soups, stews, all the things associated with the holidays (including my chocolate-pumpkin pie) and whatever else Jack Frost can throw at me all make me incredibly happy.  So I was thrilled when the thermometer today read 72. As a high. With a low of 50. (Yes, I’m rubbing it in.) Last night, in fact, for the first time in a while I could actually smell the cold. There’s something about clean, crisp, cool air that invigorates both my body and soul, and I got to experience that on September 7th. I. Love. Colorado.

Breakfast–Big breakfast, because I got up and was functional much faster than usual. Two strips of bacon, two scrambled eggs, and two pieces of whole wheat toast = one amazing breakfast sandwich. Not too shabby on the calorie side of things either.

Lunch–Abby got to come home for lunch!  We celebrated by going to Arby’s, but this time I used what I learned to my advantage. No fries, and I got the roast chicken club, no cheese, no sauce, and I only ate half the bun.  The result? 250 calories!  I threw some chips on the plate where I could control the serving size and BOOM–lunch dominated. Then I had one of my pineapple cookies, because even with that the whole thing came to less than 500 calories.

Dinner–Here’s where the soup comes into the picture. I made baked potato soup, except not traditional because I don’t like cheese or cream.  One carton of vegetable stock, one carton of chicken stock, about three large red potatoes (skin on), a caramelized leek/onion/poblano mixture, and four strips of bacon.  The bacon didn’t get as crispy as I wanted, but that’s okay because it was basically just flavoring. I thought it was delicious…Abby thought it was too spicy. You win some, you lose some. More leftovers for me!

Dessert–Ice cream sandwich…the last one. (Moment of silence.) I think we’re going to try to get back to the Dove mini bars. Better portion control, and Abby likes them better.  That being said, we found Snickers Ice Cream Minis the other day. Might be the death of me.

Tomorrow, we start the weekend! Huzzah! Continue praying for Texas and all those affected by the droughts and fires.


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