Day 240–Baking At Altitude

Today my walk was interrupted by something foreign to me–rain.  My heart goes out to those in Texas because of the droughts, fires, and other issues caused by the extreme lack of precipitation.  It’s amazing how to me, a light drizzle was a nuisance, but to those in the South, it can be a life-saver. Pray for rain, pray for safety.

Breakfast–Thomas Bagel thin (cinnamon raisin) with a tablespoon of Nutella.  Delicious, and protein for the walk that didn’t happen.

Lunch–Kind of a strange combination of things. I had some spicy Thai chile tuna, crackers, some bbq chips, and half of a protein bar. While weird, it did the trick of keeping me full.

Exercise–A mile and a half walk, and then I was a bit soaked through. Still good enough to almost rip off 300 calories.

Snack–A few pieces of dried mango. It’s like the greatest candy ever.

Dinner–Jambalaya with chicken sausage and roasted broccoli with lemon.  May not sound like they go together, but it was GREAT. I was craving veggies.

Dessert–Here’s the aforementioned baking.  I bought some puff pastry the other day because I don’t have my stand mixer.  Without the ability to cream things really well, I’m hesitant to start anything really complex, so the simple answer is buy it pre-done.  I took the pastry, added some egg wash, cut out windows, then added Maui pineapple jam, lime zest, and some turbinado sugar. They should be done in a few minutes…I’m excited!  Taste of the tropics in chilly Colorado.


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