Day 238–Labor Day

I enjoy holidays.  I used to enjoy them because it meant a break from work.  Since I appear to be completely unemployable, I now enjoy them because Abby gets the day off and I get to hang out with her!  We’ve had a full three day weekend, from hiking and cooking and exercising to lots of Phineas and Ferb. Lllllooooooottttssss.  Good times though.

Breakfast–Labor Day cinnamon rolls!  I actually woke up this morning to cinnamon rolls in the oven, courtesy of my lovely wife.  It was very nice, and they were excellent!

Exercise–We took a leisurely 3 mile stroll down the trail by our apartment.  Today we took a path neither one of us had seen before, and it was beautiful.  Great views, lots of shade, amazing houses…it was a lot of fun.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwiches and some chips.  I probably don’t need two sandwiches, and according to my calorie counter it completely sunk me today.  So now I know…small changes.  It’s kind of incredible that I’m pretty much eight months into this and I’m still learning things. It also shows why I’m large.

Snack–Chocolate Brownie Caramel ice cream sandwich. 160 calories of AWESOME.

Dinner–Wendy’s.  I had a craving. Spicy chicken sandwich, lettuce only, and fries.  The ridiculous thing is that my fast food meal at Wendy’s had fewer calories than my sandwiches at lunch.  Bread is a beast…gotta cut that out.

Tomorrow I volunteer at a local “pay what you can, eat what you want” cafe.  Should be a wonderful experience.


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