Day 237–Recovery

I slept for about 11 hours last night…which was nice to make up for the 2.5 I got the night before.  I’m incredibly sore, our cat decided to start whining about 7 am (I ignored her, Abby got up to check on her. Precursor to parenthood?), but there’s one saving grace: the weather.  It hasn’t gotten above 80 degrees the last two days, and tomorrow its supposed to be a sweltering 84 before hitting the HIGH SIXTIES by the end of the week.  Glorious.

It’s funny (in an ironic, awkward-face kind of way, not ha ha) that even though we’ve moved up here, I can’t stop thinking about Westbury.  The student ministry has so much potential, and a great leadership base in the kids, but they just seem to be stuck in the mud.  For anyone who reads this from WCS, I’m thinking about y’all and praying for you…I hope I can come back and visit sometime next semester!

Breakfast–Strawberry Eggo wafflewich with peanut butter.  Deliciousness…in fact, I bought more Eggos today. Boom.

Exercise–To try to work out some soreness, we went and lifted weights.  Hit all the major groups, and it did the deed.

Lunch–Ramen! Because I’m cheap! This time I used red bell pepper instead of broccoli though, because I didn’t have any broccoli.  So red bell pepper, mushrooms, Sriracha, a little black pepper, some soy sauce…it was wonderful.  I also didn’t eat all of it, because I knew we were going to go eat…

Snack–Gelato!  Before we left Houston, one of the Groupon deals that came up was half off gelato at a place in Highlands Ranch called Gelazzi.  Since we were heading that direction, we decided to check it out.  It was great!  I was bummed because they had fruit flavors, but we didn’t see them until we ordered and paid (they weren’t in the cooler, they were off on the side. It was awkward) so I got chocolate (eh), cookie dough (eh), and chocolate peanut butter cup (AMAZING).  We will definitely be going back to try it again, and I have another Groupon!

Dinner–Chicken Taco salad.  Sauteed some chicken breast in taco seasoning, then sauteed some onion, red bell pepper, and poblano with some ancho chile.  Throw it all on salad greens, and devour.

So there you go!  Check out Abby’s facebook for pictures of our hike!


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