Day 235–Preparation

Today wasn’t overly exciting…slept in a bit, watched tv, enjoyed the Rangers demolition of Boston, and I’m currently watching Baylor thrash TCU.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, should be terribly exciting. In 7 hours or so, we’ll be on our way to Mt. Arkansas to attempt a summit!  I’ve never done one by myself before (and by that I mean apart from Trek. Obviously Abby is with me and therefore I’m not alone) and so running through the preparations, especially after a five year break, has been a bit stressful. Hopefully I can get some rest and we can have a very memorable Saturday…pray for good weather!

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields. It’s just good stuff.

Lunch–Leftover pasta and balsamic vegetables with some added garlic-white wine mushrooms.  It was good, but not overly filling, so I tried a Clif Bar.  Nathan MacDonald has been extolling the virtues of his Clif Bars recently, so I thought I’d give it a whirl…not impressed.  I got the Chocolate Almond Fudge, and while it certainly filled me up (as in I felt like I had eaten a wad of tar) it tasted a bit funky.  Perhaps its my flavor choice…anyone like Clif Bars and have a flavor recommendation?

Snack–Apple and Nutella. Duh.

Dinner–We went to Quizno’s after our Walmart run for some supplies, and I had a large oven-roasted turkey on wheat. No cheese, no mayo, so it was decent calorie-wise. I enjoyed it, even if I like Subway better.

Dessert–Ice cream sandwich!  I’m definitely going to work it off tomorrow, so why not?

Check back in tomorrow for pictures (hopefully) and great stories!


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