Day 234–I’m Hans, and he’s Franz…

Two significant things happened today: first, I lifted weights for the first time in…since before we moved.  Secondly, I’m 99% of the way to being a student at Fuller Theological Seminary to take some classes while hanging out in Denver.  Since the job thing has completely fallen apart, I figure I’ll do something else thats time-intensive and then I’ll definitely get a job, messing everything up.  It’s like washing your car…you know its gonna rain.  I’m excited about taking classes again, and I hope I get accepted! More prayers would be appreciated!

Breakfast–Strawberry eggo wafflewich with peanut butter. And a plum.

Lunch–I had leftovers, but somehow completely forgot and so I had ramen again.  Don’t get me wrong; ramen is delicious.  But its not incredibly healthy (even with the veggies I add) and I’d be better served doing something else.  Tomorrow I’ll definitely be throwing down on some delicious leftovers…I’m pumped.

Snack–A couple of pieces of fruit leather that was on sale at Safeway and a Henry Weinhards.

Dinner–Three for three on predicting what to make. I’m on a roll!  Tonight it was teriyaki marinated chicken breast, cut into slices and placed on top of brown rice, pineapple-poblano salsa, and honey-soy sauteed onions and peppers.  GREAT meal…my first attempt at making something honey-soy, and I knocked it out of the park.

Dessert–Apple and Nutella.  That’s how I roll.

Tomorrow begins the weekend, because Abby gets out a bit earlier on Fridays.  I think there’s going to be some hiking involved this weekend…if we play our cards right and the weather cooperates, we’ll be standing on top of the world soon!


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