Day 233–The Next Level

Today was round two of meeting with area ministers and getting to talk about God.  Yesterday was lunch with Clint, and today was coffee (or in my case “coffee”) with Chip Anderson, teaching pastor at The Next Level Church in Denver.  You should definitely take some time to check them out at Their model and concept is amazing, and they have a great location for outreach into the community.  I love the church scene in Denver…it feels like its on the brink of something huge, and I think that’s an idea that’s foreign in the Bible Belt/Texas because we take God and church for granted.  I pray blessings on all these communities, that God may make Himself known to this city!

Breakfast–Massive breakfast, again.  I took the leftover home fries from yesterday, some mushrooms, and the leftover taco meat from whenever that was and sauteed them together with some scrambled eggs.  It was EPIC. And salty. But it lasted forever in my stomach, leading to the lack of…

Lunch–At like 2:30 I had a Granny Smith with some Nutella.  That was it, and it was actually just a recovery meal from a walk I went on.  I decided to explore the other end of our trail, while listening to Matt Chandler, and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Dinner–For the second day in a row, I apparently read Abby’s mind and predicted the perfect dinner.  This time, however, it involved someone else cooking.  We went to Beau Jo’s again, because having one so close and not eating it is just stupid.  We had the spicy sausage combo (spicy sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, and mushroom) with rocky mountain honey.  Honey on pizza? WHAT?  It’s amazing…especially with some red pepper flakes.  Spicy, sweet, salty, savory…delicious.

Dessert–Two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Mmm.

Tomorrow there will be more working out! And more food! And more…breathing! So yeah!


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