Day 232–Blog Blog Bliggity Blog

Running out of titles…apparently I need something interesting to happen in my life.

Today was dominated by lunch with Clint Askins, a friend from grad school and the youth minister at Littleton CoC.  It was not only good food, but we sat and talked for a good two hours, allowing me to feel much better about my place in life.  Dunno if he reads this, but thanks man.

Breakfast–A plum, a banana, and a peanut butter and strawberry preserves wafflewich.  I’ve stolen Nathan MacDonald’s recent pledge to eat a massive breakfast to offset mid-morning snackage.  Good idea sir…good idea.

Lunch–Also known as, breakfast #2.  We went to the Original Pancake House, which is funny because I think there’s like 50 of them in the USA, but whatever.  They have delicious pancakes and home fries.  I went with the bacon pancakes, a new obsession of mine, and a side of the home fries.  The reason bacon pancakes fascinate me is that maple and bacon go together so well its almost frightening.  Sure enough, a small amount of maple syrup turned those pancakes into something splendid.  And the home fries made the meal well-rounded enough that I just ate half, then brought the rest home for leftovers. Score!

Snack–Ice cream sandwich…I wanted ice cream. Meh.

Dinner–Roasted sweet potatoes, onions, and peppers with balsamic vinegar on top of whole wheat linguine and chicken sausage.  It was great, and I made enough of that for leftovers too!  Look at me, planning ahead.

So there we go.  Decent day of eating.  Tomorrow should be another fun one, and hopefully I’ll be able to work some exercise into the routine again. Thanks for reading!


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