Day 231–Tunnels

Today was…a day.  That’s about all I’ve got for it.  I didn’t sleep overly well, it was cooler (but overcast and rainy), TV was painfully boring, I don’t have a new book yet, I managed to jam my wrist…so I guess par for Monday.  The good news is that I got to visit Kevin at Valor Christian today, and it was incredible.  Such a great school…it has this vibe around it where you can’t help but feel good.  Granted, the students may feel differently, but I’d definitely enjoy that kind of environment. Actually reminded me a bit of Plano West…if PWSHS looked like Hogwarts and was overlooking the mountains.  Wouldn’t be a bad place to work…

Eating today was kind of off-track too.  I just didn’t feel right all day, didn’t take the opportunities I had to exercise, and then when Abby wanted to go on a walk, I felt like death.  Again, yay Monday.

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields with sliced strawberries.  Even my cereal tasted off.

Lunch–Ramen, the variety with the Sriracha and mushrooms and broccoli.  It was delicious again. And cheap. Cheap is good…

Snack–A Granny Smith apple and the last of my Nutella.  We went to the store the other day so I could get fruit, Nutella, and puff pastry.  I left with fruit, a whole bunch of random junk, no Nutella, and no puff pastry. Fail.

Dinner–Since I was in a funk, Abby was kind enough to get us Chipotle.  Starbucks : The rest of the world :: Chipotle : Denver. Like…they’re EVERYWHERE.  I had a steak bowl with fajita veggies, black beans, rice, lettuce, corn salsa, and hot salsa.  Good, filling dinner to end off a so-so day.

Tomorrow, we’re having pancakes. Get pumped.

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