Day 230–Small World

This morning Abby and I got up and went to Littleton Church of Christ for church.  This was a leap for us, because we only knew one person there going in and developing a sense of community when you know you’ll be leaving is tough on the mind.  So of course, God took care of us and the first people we see walking in are Tyler and Aubrey Goudeau, friends of mine from Trek that have been going there for a while. As the service ended, the older couple behind us leans forward to introduce themselves, and it happens to be Tyler’s grandparents.  This wouldn’t be that odd, except I took Tyler’s grandfather Don on Trek six years ago. So literally there are about 15 people in the entire state of Colorado we know, and five of them happened to be at church with us this morning. Thank you God!

I also finished my book, The Glorious Cause, as promised.  It’s a ~650 page book on the American Revolutionary War written by Jeff Shaara, the son of Michael Shaara, author of The Killer Angels (about Gettysburg). I’ve been on a huge American history kick recently, rereading Killer Angels, listening to The Last Full Measure audiobook (about the conclusion of the Civil War), and reading Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious Cause about the revolution, starting with the Boston Massacre and ending with the Treaty of Paris.  They’re all wonderful, and I’d recommend all of them to you.  Unfortunately, now I’m out of literature…any suggestions?

Breakfast–Again, as promised, I had banana wafflewich.  Two strawberry Eggo waffles, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a banana.  Delicious.

Lunch–After church, we went to Walmart to pick up some items and then hit up Tokyo Joe’s again.  Of the two well-known Denver chains that we don’t have in Texas, Tokyo Joe’s and Noodles and Co., TJ is by far the best.  I had white chicken with brown rice, bamboo shoots, edamame, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms in a spicy teriyaki sauce.  I also had a cookie…celebrating Manchester United absolutely CRUSHING Arsenal.  Glory glory indeed.

Snack–Another banana. Then it made me itchy. Not okay.

Dinner–Arby’s…but we did two good things!  One, we didn’t get combos so there weren’t any fries to ramp up the calories, and two, we donated money to Denver schools.  Now we get a dollar off combos or free drinks for the rest of the calendar year. Boom.

Dessert–HA! No dessert! Look at me behaving…at least for today.

Send me your book recs, and keep up the prayers for a job.  This week should be interesting at least when it comes to the employment search…check bad for details!


One thought on “Day 230–Small World

  1. Have you read the hunger games? yeah.. good reading actually. Also, I’ve been on a john grisham kick lately. Pretty good stuff. or maybe try to hit up some of the classics.. Time has a must read book list. Probably some really good stuff on there. Praying for a job for yoU!

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