Day 229–Backspin

Sorry for the lack of postage last night.  Slipped my mind after a wild night of Thai food and reruns of House Crashers (probably…I don’t even remember. It was THAT exciting) took up my time.  So I’ll make it up to you tonight…I promise. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Breakfast–Peanut butter and cherry preserves wafflewich. Shout out to Nathan MacDonald again for the awesomeness of the wafflewich.  And today we got some bananas to make them even more awesome and wafflewichy.

Exercise–Abby and I decided to use the “perks” of our apartment complex and play a little tennis.  Unfortunately, the net sags like Peyton Manning’s shoulders after an interception and the court had more cracks than Lindsey Lohan’s public image. ZING! We still had fun though, even if we aren’t that good.  We also discovered that the air up here is a bit thin…breathing a bit harder than usual, even for being out of shape.  Gotta work on that.

Lunch–Taco salad.  I made some chicken with taco seasoning last night, and decided to try it out today.  It was delicious!  Two chicken breasts, a packet of taco seasoning, about two cups of chicken broth, and simmer for an hour or so.  Turned into great taco meat.  So today I sauteed a hatch chile, some green onion, and the chicken together for a bit, then dumped it on salad greens and some cilantro.  Great lunch.

Snack–Two cups of kettle corn and a plum.  We got lots of produce at the grocery store…I’m excited!

Dinner–For dinner tonight we met Kevin and Libby Bishop at a place called the Old Mill in downtown Littleton.  I had the Philly burger, which was basically a regular burger with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions on it (since I don’t eat cheese).  It was pretty good. Not the best fries in the world, but pretty good.  And the company was excellent!  It’s nice to have friends up here…community is important.  I think if we had to do this alone we wouldn’t make it.

So there you go.  No dessert because I had an inordinate amount of soda at the restaurant, and that was calorie and sugar enough for me.  Tomorrow we explore churches and maybe I finish my new book that I got on Thursday.  700 pages in 4 days? Why not?


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