Day 224–The Autumn Film

I’ve already made shameless plugs on Twitter and Facebook, so here it goes for the blog: if you aren’t already listening to The Autumn Film, you are sorely missing out.  They’re an amazing band for background music, study music, even exercise music (at least for my exercise).  I highly recommend you try them out…then thank me later.

Today was Abby’s first day in her Denver clinic, and from all accounts it went really well!  I will admit, I like life better when she’s here hanging out with me, but hopefully I’ll get a job sometime soon and my boredom will go away.  I did have the opportunity to run some errands today with my time to myself, but for the most part there was lots of reading done.  I’m going to need new books soon…

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields with fresh sliced strawberries.  It was, of course, amazingly good.

Lunch–Ramen.  Yep, RAMEN.  Because we’re trying to save money AND I don’t have a microwave AND it actually isn’t that bad.  I had the oriental flavor, but I only used half the packet of flavoring, added a few splashes of soy sauce, some scallions, mushrooms and cilantro.  It was goooooood.

Snack–Apples and Nutella. Told you.

Dinner–Whole wheat linguine with lemon roasted broccoli, chicken and apple sausage, and then I had some mushrooms sauteed in garlic and white wine.  It was a FANTASTIC meal…I think things taste better at altitude.

Dessert–After running some more housekeeping errands (we needed another curtain) we got DQ to celebrate Abs’ first day.  I had a chocolate covered cherry blizzard, but I only ate half and froze the rest for later. Go me!

Tomorrow I hope to hear back from Whole Foods and I’ll do some more work on the job front.  Thanks for reading!

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