Day 223–Back to Football

So I’m sitting here watching the Cowboys preseason game, and it spurred a couple of thoughts.  First, its hard to imagine that I don’t live in Texas anymore and therefore won’t automatically get to watch the Boys every Sunday.  Watching the Broncos, while entertaining (I’m sure) just isn’t the same. Second, I’m kind of amazed at how quickly we all got over the lockout, myself included.  Baseball was hosed for a few years after their lockout, hockey still isn’t on the radar, basketball maintained but didn’t grow…football is still a beast.  Granted, football didn’t lose games like the other three, but we forgive and forget more with the NFL than anything else.  Meh.

Breakfast–Two cinnamon raisin bagel thins with Chocolate peanut butter, about a tablespoon divided between both of them.  It was AMAZING.

Exercise–We ventured out further on the trail by our apartment, going about three miles total before the heat and altitude took their toll.  You might be saying, “Heat?! WHAT HEAT?!” but remember, the sun burns a bit brighter here.  I know it doesn’t compare to Texas at all, but it was still a bit toasty.

Lunch–Noodles and Co.  At the Art and Ale festival that I helped out at Friday, Noodles had a booth and I tried their Japanese Pan Noodles and loved them.  So today we ventured out to try it on a larger scale.  I had a regular JPN with shrimp, and it was…okay.  Could have done with a smaller size, and without the protein, AND Abby didn’t like hers that much.  So it was “eh” at best.  We’ll give it another try later on I suppose.  *We did try one of the chocolate chunk cookies.  They were delicious, but not a good reason to dine at a restaurant.

Snack–An apple’s worth of green apple slices with a tablespoon of Nutella.  Quickly becoming a favorite snack.

Dinner–Jambalaya with Johnsonville Chicken and Apple Sausage.  The sausage was absolutely fantastic…way better than any other chicken sausage we’ve tried and cheaper, too.  Winner!  Dinner overall was great, and cheap.



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