Day 219–Denver

Well, its official: we live in Denver.  After spending our first full day here, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions that must be shared with my adoring audience.  1) Denver is awesome. 2) Cool weather > Warm weather. 3) Moving is EXPENSIVE, and not so good for the waistline. 4) Colorado is awesome.  I may change my tune when the mercury and precipitation start falling, but for now this is amazing…I could live here and be quite content.

Last night we celebrated being here by indulging in a little Beau Jo’s, which isn’t healthy but is really REALLY good and so today we decided to get back on track. There was healthy eating AND exercise…I know, its crazy!

Breakfast–A bowl of Kashi Strawberry Fields while waiting for the Comcast guy to come set up the internet.  That’s the main reason I haven’t blogged in a week…no internet of which to speak.  But we’re back!

Exercise–Went to IKEA.  That counts as exercise…trust me. Sheesh.

Lunch–Tokyo Joe’s, a great Denver chain.  I had a brown rice bowl with chicken, teriyaki sauce, and steamed mushrooms, broccoli, edamame, carrots and bamboo shoots.  It was AWESOME, and less than 600 calories to be stuffed. We will be going back.

Dinner–Peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat with strawberry jam.  While something healthier would have been nice, we are poor. Very. Very. Poor.

Exercise #2–There’s a great trail by our apartment complex, so Abby and I went for a couple of miles each direction to see whats out there.  This is a beautiful place…I’m so happy!

Tomorrow is Salida, complete with a J2 jacket and Amica’s (YESSSSSS) and then dinner with Rachel.  I love this.


One thought on “Day 219–Denver

  1. Hooray!! Glad you made it. YEs moving is very expensive! eep! Glad you are there and getting settled! Hooray for the fun trail & exercise!
    Ohh Dinner with Rachel.. have fun!!!

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