Day 213–Victory Lap

Not gonna lie…I really wanted to name this Triumphal Re-Entry. Decided blasphemy shouldn’t be on my list of things to do today. Meh.

I really enjoyed my little pit stop at Westbury today.  For all the chaos, and there was chaos, I love those kids and I will miss them dearly.  They (you, for those who read this) will be in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to getting to see them again!

We started the process of restoring our apartment to its original state tonight, patching nail holes and vacuuming up what appears to be several tons of cat hair.  How an animal that small, brushed regularly, can produce that much fur is beyond me and simple biology.  She’s a mutant.

Breakfast–A plum. One. Single. Plum.  And I don’t even remember eating that; I found the pit in the garbage while cleaning.  I got a fortune cookie tonight that read “Relax and enjoy yourself.”  I think that means remembering what I ate. Working on it.

Lunch–Jason’s Deli with the wife before dropping some more books at Half-Price Books.  I got six whole dollars! And then I bought a four dollar book…walked out with $1.69.  Boom.  Anyways, at lunch I had smoked turkey on ciabatta with lettuce and red onion with chips and a pickle. It was DELICIOUS.  I love Jason’s Deli.

Dinner–Pei Wei.  I went with an OLD standby and got Mongolian Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice and extra vegetables.  It was fantastic, and I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing but I did.  Whoops.  There was also edamame involved.

Dessert–Caramel Five ice cream with some of my homemade chocolate covered cookies.  Not good, but amazingly scrumptious.

Tomorrow Kathy comes to help (yay!) and then we begin our final weekend in Houston.  Cold weather, here I come!


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