Day 211–Grand Rounds

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to see my lovely wife in action for her Grand Rounds presentation.  It was kind of bizarre for her because she went last tonight, and that made her the very last presentation of the summer Tri.  Even more than that, she has had to change her presentation date and topic a few times, so finally getting it over with was HUGE.  And now its all downhill from here! A week from right now I’ll be sitting on our patio in COLORADO enjoying wonderfully cool weather.

Breakfast–I had a Cherry Pie Larabar.  They’re just so good!  If you love cherries like I do, I highly suggest the Larabars…they’re made of cherries, dates, almonds and that’s it.  Good, natural treat.

Lunch–Final lunch of the summer with Leah and Jason.  This time we had an added bonus of Casey joining us at Kublai Khan.  I had two bowls, both with shrimp, beef, celery, potatoes, pineapple, onions, bok choy, bamboo, and some jalapeno slices and teriyaki sauce.  Throw in a little brown rice and I was in heaven.  They were amazing!

Snack–Nutella and apple slices. Boom.

Dinner–Chick Fila spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a Dr. Pepper to help me stay awake during Game Night at SG.  On a related note, I miss cooking.  I want my kitchen back.

So there we go.  Tomorrow I’m hitting up lunch with Kyle Stallard and then the rest of the week we coast!


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