Day 202–Little Boxes, on the Hillside…

Bonus points for anyone who can identify that song!

Our apartment is literally a barren wasteland of cardboard and plastic, and its only going to get worse as we donate more stuff and I take more things off the walls (like my pot rack…goodbye security deposit. We hardly knew ye) to return 1723 to its initial blank slate.  It’s starting to freak me out that we only have two weeks left…I’m excited, but stressed.  I also probably won’t sleep much the next two weeks (stress induced insomnia…yay…) so I apologize in advance to anyone in my presence when I snap.

Church went extremely well, at least in my opinion.  I’m going to miss those kids…Sugar Grove will always have a special place in my heart.  It was also fun to run the show for a day since Josh, Jason, and Leah were all on the way to Lubbock for their mission trip.  Pray for them as they travel and endure west Texas weather!

Breakfast–Cherry vanilla nutrigrain bar on the way to church.  Since I didn’t sleep well, I wasn’t hungry, but I know its important to eat.

Lunch–Cafe Express with Abby.  I had a bacon burger on wheat with lettuce and onion and sweet potato fries.  Little bit expensive, but it was near Borders and since they’re going out of business we raided the shelves.  I got a couple of books I’m looking forward to reading!

Snack–One Dove mini ice cream bar.  Again, great snack.

Dinner–After clearing out the pantry I realized we have an inordinate amount of pancake batter, so we had pancakes and bacon.  I made a homemade peach-vanilla syrup that needed to boil down juuuust a bit longer but tasted delicious nonetheless.  Good meal.

So thats it.  Tomorrow we pay rent for the last time, I fax in our last bit of paperwork, and then I literally start tearing our apartment apart. Yippee.


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