Day 200–Calm Before the Storm

This weekend is really the last breather we have in Houston.  Luckily, we get to spend a majority of it with the people we care about the most here!  Today was game day at the St. Germains, as I somehow got my butt handed to me in both Civilization and Settlers of Catan.  I’m pretty sure I would have lost any game we played…my brain is a bit fuzzy from allergies and stress.  It’s amazing how much stress can filter anything we do into a kind of murky funk…unpleasant.  Tomorrow is Leah’s birthday soiree, and then I get to teach class at Sugar Grove Sunday for one of the last times.  Altogether, not a bad time.

Breakfast–Omelette with three eggs, onions, poblanos, and ground turkey.  It was GREAT…a fantastic way to start the morning.

Snack–Apple Larabar.  Cherry wins, hands down.

Lunch–Abby was kind enough to bring home Chick-Fila when she surprised me by getting done early!  I had twelve nuggets and a large fruit cup, with some water that had been in my new stainless steel water bottle a biiiiit too long.  In the Nalgene, not a problem.  In the Miir?  That’s some funky water.

Dinner–Unfortunately, for the first time in our illustrious Houston experience, we tried Tornado Burger.  I say unfortunately because it was FANTASTIC.  It saddens me we hadn’t tried this sooner.  I had a spicy beef with fries…and it was absolutely sublime.  The spicy burgers have jalapenos, garlic, and onion ground up into the patty, and they have a delightful slow burn.  The fries are seasoned with something that makes them incredibly addictive and wonderful.  Good times.

Dessert–Peanut butter cookie with ice cream.  Not healthy…but its a celebration? I figured we celebrated Abby’s birthday yesterday and Leah’s tomorrow, so the middle was ripe for the pickings.

Mexican food and packing tomorrow…yeehah.

Oh, and two hundred days? Heck yeah.  Thanks for your support guys!


One thought on “Day 200–Calm Before the Storm

  1. Glad you enjoyed Tornado Burger! I’ve been trying to take as many people there as possible the last few years. A gem of Stafford, if there is such a thing.

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