Day 198–Freebird!!

Working out consistently…and with serious weights for the first time since probably 7th grade…has yielded some unexpected benefits and some unexpected pitfalls.  On the plus side, I feel great, look decent (modesty), and its a good way to release stress and kill time.  On the negative side, I’m sore like I’ve been beaten or played waterball, and I’ve gained weight from the “muscles” so on the scale it looks like I’ve been force-feeding myself sticks of butter.  You win some, you lose some.

Breakfast–Kashi Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble.  Good protein shot before the workout, and it tastes pretty good too.

Exercise–Arms day. All the traditional arms stuff, topped off with some incline work.  I would like to be in halfway decent climbing shape when we arrive in Denver…I have a date with an old friend before things get too, well, snowy.  I did fifteen minutes, alternating inclines ranging from 0% to 8%.  Good workout…rough on the calves.

Lunch–Freebirds! Went to some people’s favorite burrito locale with Richard, Ian, Curran, Jackie, Anthony, and Christian.  It was a great time…its cool when students become friends.  Teaching Bible shouldn’t ever be just an academic exercise because Christianity isn’t purely a movement of the mind; there has to be love and heart for it to truly take effect. I’m glad I was able to impact some people, and now I hope they can go and do the same.

Dinner–Salad with ponzu-chile dressing, deli turkey, and some barbecue chips.  Not gonna lie…Freebirds wrecked my appetite.  Thems big burritos.

Dessert–Cashew cookie Larabar.  The cashew isn’t as good as apple or cherry, but I now own five more of them, so I’ll live.  Or dip them in chocolate next time.

Tomorrow, cookout!  And I’m making ice cream to show off/enhance the evening. Because I can.


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