Day 197–Puppies

Something incredibly rare happened today: I got up early.  Anyone who has known me for any amount of time should be very aware of the fact I am NOT a morning person.  It’s not that I can’t or won’t function before 10, it’s just that I generally choose not to. Never quite saw the point, productivity aside.  So when I found myself conscious and functional at 5:45 (!?) this morning, I figured I should take advantage of the extra hours and get some stuff done.  Finished Defensive Driving, had lunch with Abby, and then promptly came home and took a completely unnecessary nap, which is why I’m still awake at 11:30 PM even though I’d like to be in bed.  Whoops.

Breakfast–Steel cut oats with peanut butter.  It was a perfect distraction from DD because the stupid oats boil over in the pot about every minute or so, which is conveniently when I need to click “continue” on the pages.  Helps break up the monotony.

Lunch–Chipotle near Reliant.  I had a chicken bowl with fajita veggies, rice, black beans, lettuce, corn, and (not enough) hot salsa. Good meal with wonderful company.

Snack–Larabar!  Usually, in my experience, buying in bulk doesn’t save a whole lot, so I was shocked to find 18 Larabars for only 15 dollars.  Generally they’re at least $1.25 a pop, so this was a steal.  I had a cherry one as my snack and was pleasantly sated.

Dinner–Pizza at the St. Germains.  Abby and I have both noticed something: when you eat (relatively) well like we do, any deviation from that (like greasy Papa John’s) leads to GI discomfort.  Sorry for sharing too much, but its true.  Our bodies immediately freak out and give us all sorts of warning signs that yell “what IS this??”  We had fun playing games though…lots of figurative puppy casualties.

Tomorrow I’m rocking lunch with some friends and then I actually get to cook Abby dinner for the first time in what feels like forever! (Oh, and its arms day again…just in time for the soreness to go away…)


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