Day 196–Blowout

Twenty runs! That, my friends, is a smackdown.  That’s also why I forgot to blog last night–I was reveling in the annihilation the Rangers placed upon the Twins.  For any Twins fans who read this, my sincerest apologies. At least you aren’t the Mariners. And, Chris Davis still failed to play like a Major Leaguer, with two errors and an 0-fer night. Thanks for playing…come back soon Adrian.

Yesterday was Day 3 of 4 for my brief stint as a bachelor, and it wasn’t half bad. Abby had class all day Saturday, all day Sunday, all day yesterday, and most of the day today.  Thankfully, we get to end it all by hanging out with the Toys and St. Germains, so its worth the boredom, AND it gives me a chance to take defensive driving.  Online DD is so much better than the old stuff at comedy clubs and restaurants, and as an added bonus the new CG videos they use are ridiculous.  I laughed out loud at the ludicrous scenarios more than once, potentially startling London and making me question my sanity. Worth it.

Breakfast–Kashi Go Lean Crisp! Not bad…not as teeth-shatteringly hard as the crunch! variety, but still health cereal.  I like donuts better.

Exercise–Yesterday was legs/core, which works out great in my head but our workout facility doesn’t have much for my walkers.  I did some body weight squats, some actual squats with weights, time on the bike, and then some crunches/planks.  I’m pretty sore today, but its the good sore because its a different area of my body than the old sore…if that makes sense. Feels like I worked out or something.

Lunch–Taco salad.  Ground turkey, hot taco seasoning, lettuce, jalapeno chips, and a dash of lime juice.  Wunderbar.

Dinner–Leftover taco meat with sauteed onions and eggs for a protein boost after the workout day.

Dessert–Literal chocolate covered cherries, not the chocolate coated cordials that have (what seems like) 50 tablespoons of sugar.  I melted down some chocolate chips, tempered it to glossy, then dropped in about 10 Bing cherries.  You have to watch out for the pits, of course, but they were really REALLY good.  I heart cherries.

So there you go. Any suggestions for leg exercises I can do with free weights?


One thought on “Day 196–Blowout

  1. there are LOTS of leg exercises you can do with free weights!
    Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, calf raises, step ups, side steps,
    Check out sites like or other similar stuff. While you probably dont want to get into that totally, the offer good pictures & instructions usually.

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