Day 193–WILD CARD!!

Well, a suspicion of mine was confirmed tonight.  I don’t like poker.

I can see the social benefits, and I enjoyed hanging out with the guys, but as a game…it leaves something to be desired.  So that’s two card games this week I added to my arsenal, and neither one of them are going to make it into heavy rotation anytime soon.  Give me spades and 42 and you can have the rest.

Today marked the beginning of the chaos, because Abby had a presentation to work on today, the actual presentation (and class from 8-5) tomorrow, class 8-5 on Sunday, presentation on Tuesday, rounds paper due next Tuesday, rounds presentation the Tuesday after that, and then the Tuesday after THAT we move into our apartment in Colorado. 24 days…getcha popcorn ready.

Breakfast–Another stunning nutrigrain bar.  Yay…I need to buy eggs.

Lunch–Peanut butter and peach preserve sandwich.  I’m pretty sure peach preserves, especially the Smuckers variety, is about as bad for you as jellies and jams can get, but at least I cleaned out the jar so A) I won’t be tempted any more and B) its one less thing in the fridge.

Snack–A chocolate mousse tart (two bites) from Whole Foods.  Just as Whole Foods’ prepared proteins leave a lot to be desired (like…taste), the desserts do as well.  My chocolate mousse and chocolate cheesecake from last night tasted like cold flavorless butter.  As in, if you could remove the taste from a stick of butter and bite into it, thats what we had.  Not so good. Yet another lesson in “don’t buy that when you can make it yourself.”

Dinner–Guys Night meant pizza and cookies.  I limited myself to two pieces of Papa John’s pepperoni and two cookies.  Could have been worse.

If you know of any youth ministry jobs where you live (specifically Dallas or Colorado, but I’ll entertain other options) let me know!


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