Day 192–Abby’s Birthday (BIRTHDAY!!)

It’s a special day here in the Henderson household: my lovely wife joins me in the quarter-century club.  In some ways, this last year has been incredibly unique in regards to ages.  In high school I was one of the younger kids in my group of friends, even if it was by a months instead of years.  Now, I’m the oldest by six months, a year and a half older than Abby, and seemingly light years ahead of the Toys.  Its a weird feeling, especially since age and maturity are usually related and lets face it: that ship sailed a looooong time ago.

Because of the birthday (BIRTHDAY!!) my eating habits today are kind of…off.  Just providing warning.

Breakfast–I had a nutrigrain bar because I thought I’d be eating a big lunch of leftovers and then having a late late dinner with Abby.  Turns out she had some free time and we were able to have lunch together, which is always a bonus.

Lunch–For birthday (BIRTHDAY!!) lunch, Abby chose Pei Wei.  I know you are all saying “Wait, you had Pei Wei yesterday!” And I did.  But this time I chose something different and it wasn’t half bad: sesame vegetables with fried rice.  Not MKP, but not the horrible street noodles or whatever I had that sucked. Nice balance.

Snack–About 15 cherries and a white nectarine while watching House Hunters.  I blame Crystal Eylar for this (who may or may not read this blog…) because she told us about a year ago there was a House Hunters in Canton (Abby’s hometown) and then I got addicted.  I like seeing some of the locales, and the idea of having our own home makes me incredibly happy while at the same time slaps me in the face that we still are kids.  C’est la vie.

Dinner–Leftovers…including leftover Pei Wei.  Hows about we don’t do that again for a while.  I had my leftover MKP veggies with brown rice and then added the roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, and broccoli from the other night.  Add soy sauce, spicy chili oil, and devour.

Dessert–At Whole Foods the other day I picked up some of the Sweet Bites they now have for Abby’s birthday (BIRTHDAY!!) “cake.”  Making or buying a cake was a horrible idea, because we don’t need the temptation of an entire cake/batch of cookies/pan of brownies, but two or three bites is just right.

Tomorrow I take care of insurance (joys of moving states) and then its Guys Night with Evan and Jason where I will inevitably lose all my money in poker or get blown out in Catan…because while we’re guys, we’re all HUGE nerds. Represent.


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