Day 191–Hand and Foot

So tonight we learned a new card game called…yep, you guessed it, Hand and Foot.  It involves six decks of cards, math skills to play correctly, and an inordinate amount of luck for a game with that many players and cards.  Good group game, not going to crack the Hearts/Spades duo for my favorites.  Still better than ERS or spoons. Man I hate spoons.

It wasn’t the healthiest day of eating…started out really strong and then died at the end.  It was totally worth it to hang out with friends though!

Breakfast–More steel cut oats, this time with brown sugar and the rest of the diced plums/white nectarines.  It was DELICIOUS.

Lunch–Pei Wei, again going back to my normal routine.  I can’t stand the new Pei Wei menu…they had the audacity to remove things I like. How dare they.  Anyways, I had the Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables with extra vegetables, although they seemed to skimp on the extra and on the MKP part…which was a bummer.  I also got the spring rolls, because honestly, they’re amazing.  The good news is that I only ate half; the other half will be a great lunch tomorrow as well!

Snack–Part of a Toblerone.  I’m throwing the rest away…temptation is no bueno.

Dinner–Here’s where it falls off line a bit.  We had a BYOD (Bring your own dinner) soiree at the St. Germains so I stopped at the closest fast food place, which happened to be Sonic.  Popcorn chicken and tater tots…not so good.  Even worse though was the massive piece of Funfetti cake I had for dessert, because it was there (I mean, its Funfetti.  How do you say no to that?!) and we “needed” to finish it off.  Meh.

The day ended with the aforementioned card game and the Rangers completely choking all over themselves.  I don’t know how it’ll end, but the first seven innings were awful.  Derek Holland…Mr. Inconsistent.


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