Day 190–Saddle

Yep…three posts in two days.  I’m finally getting back in the groove, just in time for packing to begin in earnest and our entire lives to be flipped upside-down.  Meh.

Today something completely unusual happened in Houston: rain!  This was nice for three reasons, not including the fact it was actually cool today: 1) Sleeping with rain is AWESOME. 2) We badly needed rain. I think this is like the fourth day all year its rained, which is just wrong. 3) Because of the rain, there was no construction to wake me up early! I haven’t been sleeping well due to stress and my brain not shutting off at night, so getting the early wake-up calls has been exacerbating (look it up) the problem.  Waking up of my own accord without the whine of a buzz saw was a pleasant surprise.

Breakfast–Steel cut oats with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.  Sooooo good, and a lot of fiber.

Lunch–Went to McAllisters with Abby where I had an Orange Cranberry Club (no cheese, no mayo) and fruit, along with the splurge of a sweet tea.  Usually I’m really good about having unsweet tea with my meal, but seriously…its McAllisters. Passing that up is just wrong.

Snack–A plum and some fresh Bing Cherries.  Best time of the year, fruit-wise.  If I could get this produce without it going above 80 degrees, I’d be in heaven.

Dinner–Salad.  I made a dressing with ponzu, sweet chili sauce, and some olive oil to go on top of salad greens and diced plum and white nectarine.  If you have the ability to get your hands on white nectarines right now, DO IT.  The ones at my local Whole Foods are like candy.  I also made garlic crostini to go with the salad.

Dessert–Part of a Toblerone bar.  Cleaning out the pantry has been…enlightening.

Tomorrow we have dinner with the Toys and St. Germains (hopefully) so I’m sure there will be wonderful stories to relate.  Thanks again for reading and keeping up with me!


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