Day 189–Breaking the Funk

Read Frankenmoon if you want to know about my day.  After I posted, I went and took care of the ticket stuff (which means I have Drivers Ed in my future…yay…) and got groceries for dinner. Not much of an exciting day I have to admit.

Breakfast–Um…yeah. I woke up around 9 this morning thanks for our lovely apartment complex doing construction seemingly next to my head and immediately started working on Frankenmoon/the thoughts behind it.  Next thing I knew it was 11:30 and I was out running errands, so breakfast didn’t happen, which breaks rule #1 of losing weight.

Lunch–Even worse, probably, is that I didn’t have lunch until after 2.  How, exactly, I functioned for 5 hours without eating anything will remain a very unhealthy mystery.  For lunch I sauteed some noonday onions, orange bell pepper, and broccoli in ponzu and sweet thai chile sauce and then mixed in a heaping pile of brown rice.  It was excellent, and a great way to break the unintentional fast.

Dinner–I made Abby’s favorite: hot dogs!  Two hot dogs with a small bit of ketchup, roasted sweet potato wedges, and some roasted broccoli with garlic and minced jalapeno (my last garden jalapeno…sad day) made for a delicious meal, with leftovers for tomorrow.

Dessert–Two Dove ice cream minis, for 140 calories total.

I feel better, but its still going to be a challenge to get myself out of the hole.  Less than a month to Denver!


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