Day 181–Blogger Fail

Not having a routine at all during the summer has led to an obvious lapse in blog writing.  Sorry about that…don’t know when or if it’ll get better.

Had the opportunity to teach class at church this morning, which I always enjoy, yet for the second time this summer when I’m assigned to teach, Jason Toy decides to get violently ill.  Seriously dude…if you hate my teaching that much, just tell me. Matthew 18.

Abby made a quilt in under 4 hours today, which was incredibly impressive.  I watched the US WWC match (great game), part of the Rangers game (also great game), and took a nap…slightly less productive I’d say.  Check out her Facebook for pictures, if you’re so inclined.

Breakfast–In a rush to leave this morning, I grabbed a Nutrigrain bar on the way out the door.  This wasn’t horribly catastrophic because we get to eat lunch around 11-11:30 on church days.

Lunch–Kublai Khan.  I’ve been on a Mongolian Stir-fry kick lately, because in theory its healthy and its SO GOOD.  Today was even a special situation, because when we got there all the TVs were on the Nancy Grace special on the Casey Anthony trial (which is a sign of the apocalypse) and I politely asked them to turn it to the US/Brazil match.  This was good for three reasons: 1) Nancy Grace is a moron, and the Casey Anthony trial is ridiculous.  I judge people obsessed with it…no lie. 2) WHAT A GAME.  I mean, really…best soccer match ever? Best sporting event of the year? Are there enough superlatives?  122nd minute goal? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! 3) The owner of Kublai Khan apparently played 2nd division soccer in Paris and came over to our table to talk footy with me for a good long while, then invited us back to just come hang out and watch any games we want at the restaurant.  How cool is that?

Anyways, I had one bowl with beef, shrimp, bok choy, peppers, pineapple, potatoes, jalapenos (MISTAKE) and a sweet chili-soy concoction that was so unintentionally spicy the waitress kept laughing at me while refilling my rapidly disappearing drink, and one bowl that was mostly vegetables (no spice this time).  Great meal.

Dinner–Wendy’s, because Abby needed some supplies to finish off her quilt and Michael’s is next to a Wendy’s.  Win/Win.  Spicy chicken sandwich, lettuce only, fries, and a medium Frosty.  Because who doesn’t love Frosty’s?

Solid weekend.  Tomorrow we see the in-laws again and I’ve got a lot to do for moving!


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