Day 178–Rounds

If you had given me a hundred guesses what the most stressful part of our summer would have been two months ago, I would have gone oh-fer. Turns out, packing, looking for jobs, and moving have nothing on Grand Rounds at the University of Houston College of Optometry.  Frequent readers of this little writing hack-job of mine know there is no love lost between myself and Abby’s dear alma mater, but today things went to a whole new level.  Every fourth year student is required to examine, research, and present a Grand Rounds patient: some unique or particularly interesting case that shows all levels of competency gained over the last 3.5 years.  The problem is finding a patient, because they must be willing to be examined thoroughly and be presented to a large group of mostly strangers.  Abby has had not one, not two, but THREE rounds patients cancel on her, two of which have vowed never to return to the UHCO again (don’t blame them there) because of various incompetencies displayed by tenured faculty members and general shenanigans, which is a nice euphemism for what I’d really like to say, but this is a family blog.  We cannot leave here fast enough.

Breakfast–Nutrigrain bar…I slept in too long recovering from last night’s (enjoyable) stress.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and peach preserve sandwiches on 40-calorie bread.  I’m pretty sure they made it 40 cal by removing lots of product, adding more leavening and making it like eating floured air, but whatever.  I also love peach preserves…potentially my favorite jelly.  And yes, these are things I think about while unemployed.

Snack–Sugar fail: Sour Patch Fruits. Whoops.

Dinner–Subway (Eat Fresh!).  My traditional footlong turkey with bacon on wheat, loaded with lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, black pepper, and a healthy dose of jalapenos.  Great meal, but the last two times we’ve frequented that particular Subway the customer service has been…lacking.  Gotta work on that boys.

Dessert–One Dove ice cream mini while watching Burn Notice (eh) and Suits (GREAT SHOW).  If you haven’t been watching Suits, you’ve been missing a wonderful way to spend an hour.  Highly recommended.


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