Day 173–On The Road Again

Ah…the Red-Headed Stranger.  Yeehah for Willie Nelson.

Today we made the “brief” jaunt to Canton for the Fourth of July festivities at Pa’s.  Also, conveniently, Katy heads to Zambia for a medical mission trip tomorrow, so we got to see her for a bit before she flees the continent.  Oddly enough, the drive today was WAY better than the drive last week, even with the holiday crowd clogging up every rest stop from Houston to Canton.  Buc-ees was MADNESS…good for their business, bad for the consumer.

Breakfast–Bare Naked Peak granola with blueberries.  I’m trying to balance variety (i.e. not eating blueberries every day) with practicality (the blueberries are older, and therefore will go bad quicker).  Today, practicality won.

Lunch–Leftover Pei Wei from last night.  I took some of the edamame, shelled it, and stirred it into my leftover fried rice and veggies to make faux stir-fry.  It was goooooood.

Snack–Chex Mix from Buc-ees.  I resisted all candy options…a minor NSV (non-scale victory) for me in a long stretch of defeats.

Dinner–Summer should always mean grilling, unless you’re like us and live in an apartment.  It was nice to get to Canton and be greeted by the sight of a grill…that was out of propane.  So after running to WalMart and reloading, I grilled up some pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes (that I didn’t partake of, no worries), and then some green beans and salad.  Great meal!

Dessert–A familiar foe: shortcake with macerated strawberries and whipped cream.  BUT, we discovered that truvia does a bang-up job of macerating fruit.  So calorie win!

I hope to report lots of great things from this weekend…yay for the in-laws and yay for the Fourth!


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