Day 172–Horses, Loud Lights, and Awkward Silences

Today started out well enough–I once again didn’t get any packing done–but it ended with quite the bang.

I watched some really bizarre soccer this afternoon as the French women destroyed Canada, the German “women” hung on against Nigeria, and the German “boys” U17 squad decimated the USA, and then made a ridiculous trifle that I’ll get to later. Time seemed to CREEP by because I was excited about hanging out with my friends!  It’s kind of sad, but it took me almost three years in Houston to find amazing friends.  This isn’t to say the people I am friends with from Grace Crossing or Westbury weren’t great–because you all are–but to develop that connection and truly say I have some “best friends” took a lot of time.  More than anything else, I’ll miss them when we leave Houston.  Put it this way: As bad as Houston as been, they’re worth staying for.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon oatmeal with sliced strawberries and the NutriGrain bar I promised to devour.  It didn’t put up much of a fight.

Lunch–Linguine with zucchini and onions.  It was a lighter lunch because I knew we’d be eating a heavy dinner relatively early.  However, that didn’t stop me from eating…

Snack–Two of the Dove minatures ice cream bars I for some reason let Abby talk me into buying.  I wasn’t thinking…oh well.  At least they’re really small and only 70 calories a piece.

Dinner–Pei Wei with Leah, a recent mainstay in this blog-o-mine.  I had some edamame and Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables with fried rice, partially because I missed them and partially because Pei Wei has completely revamped/screwed up their menu, and I know this option doesn’t suck, unlike my last attempt.  So here you go, public service announcement: DO NOT ORDER THE MARKET STREET NOODLES FROM PEI WEI.  THEY ARE TERRIBLE.  YOU WILL WANT TO FEED THEM TO YOUR DOG, AND YOUR DOG WON’T TOUCH THEM, SO YOU’LL HAVE TERRIBLE NOODLES IN A DOG BOWL TO DEAL WITH.  *The More You Know*

Dessert–The aforementioned trifle.  Angel food cake, the agave whipped cream from last night, and some macerated strawberries all layered together into goodness.  It was awesome!

Hanging out with Leah, the Toys, and St. Germains was a lot of fun…and I’m pretty sure that’s about all I can repeat.  Looking forward to doing it again once we stop traveling every weekend!


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