Day 171–Going to the Dentist!

Confession: It’s been six years since I last went to the dentist.  Our family dentist is in Richardson, and since I’ve lived in Abilene, Conroe, and Bellaire, day-trips to get my teeth checked never quite made it to the to-do list.  So today, I righted that wrong and headed to Dr. Schultz and his Cosmetic Dentistry practice.  Admittedly, it was a Groupon that got me there, but still.  Anyways, it was the single best dentistry experience I’ve ever had.  If you live in Houston, go to him. Do it NOW. I had a positive check up–no cavities–and my teeth are definitely the cleanest they’ve been in a while.

Breakfast–More Kashi GoLean and blueberries.  There was actually a NutriGrain bar on the menu too, but somehow it escaped unscathed. Tomorrow, it dies.

Lunch–Two tuna sandwiches with some barbecue chips.  My creativity was out of whack because I was fearing my forthcoming trip to drills-ville and the dentist.  Turns out I just wasted brain power.  Whoops.

Black eyed peas with onion, pepper, and chiles

Dinner–Since I couldn’t eat anything after the dentist (fluoride and all) there wasn’t a snack, so dinner was healthy and full of fiber to keep the metabolism at least simmering.  I made black eyed peas and sweet basil sausage.  The BEPs had red bell pepper, anaheim chile, and red onion sauteed in olive oil and some of the sausage fat in them, along with S&P and a splash of lemon juice.  They were DELICIOUS…at least, I thought so.  Occasionally I’ll completely whiff and make something that’s absolute rubbish, but rarely do I make something that I like and Abby hates.  Tonight was one of those nights.  So now I know.

Dessert–I made some sweetened whipped cream (with agave nectar, not sugar) and had about 6 strawberries that I dipped into the cream.  Good, solid dessert.  And the leftover strawberries and whipped cream will make an appearance tomorrow night too…

All in all a great day.  Tomorrow, we get to have dinner with Leah and then hang out with Leah, the Toys, and the St. Germains!  Huzzah for having friends!


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