Day 170–Packing

Today, the madness commenced.  Went to my local 1/2 Price Boxes store (which does exactly what you’d think…) and purchased some cardboard receptacles for my less precious belongings…some of the books I never read, some old magazine issues, etc.  Eventually we’ll get into the cooking supplies I won’t need in Colorado (like my beautiful KitchenAid mixer…I’ll miss that one) and then things will really be rolling.  It’s weird to start putting the last three years in boxes, but its time.

It was actually one of the healthier days I’ve had, except I didn’t work out.  My time was spent packing, and admittedly, screwing around watching TV (including the worst spouse I’ve witnessed in a while on House Hunters…she was a she-beast) when I could have been doing something to better myself.  Need to work on that.

Breakfast–Kashi Go-Lean Crunch with fresh blueberries.  Great cereal, although its really hard. Like…felt as if I was eating a jawbreaker sometimes.  I guess that’s what natural sweeteners will do over time.

Lunch–Spicy Thai chile tuna on salad greens with green grapes and honey wheat pretzel sticks.  Solid meal.

Snack–A couple of tablespoons of peanut butter with about 20 chocolate chips sprinkled on top with more pretzel sticks.  Incredibly filling and satisfying…sweet tooth sated.

Dinner–Chipotle, because I failed on the whole “purchasing protein” aspect of grocery shopping.  Whoops.  Anyways, I had a bowl with (too much) rice, black beans, barbacoa, fajita veggies, corn salsa, and hot salsa.  It was delicious, and the company was spectacular.

No dessert…trying to quit.

Thanks for sticking with me, even through the absence and lack of blogging recently.  It really does help when people read, comment, and check up on me (Leah and Karla!).  I appreciate you all!


One thought on “Day 170–Packing

  1. Look at you with no dessert! Great job! I’ve been doing that too recently and its hard to quit but not that hard if you busy yourself otherwise!

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