Day 168–Sunburn

My shoulders are roasted.  Not in the bad way, where I can’t move and breathing makes me cry and aloe brings me closer to God, but in the way where it tingles and if I have a shirt on I can feel the heat circulating like a convection oven.  Not so good.  It was, however, fun to hang out in the pool with my parents and spend some time outside where I didn’t have to worry about pollution or the ozone (again, thank you Houston).

We made it back home after a less tense drive than on the way up, grabbed some groceries, came home to our incredibly pissed off cat, and now we’re catching up on all of our recorded shows.  Not a bad day.

Breakfast–Sadly, the leftover cake from last night.  It needed to be eaten…it was in the fridge…meh.  Worth it.

Lunch–Luna de Noche, one of my favorite places in Dallas.  You know its a great restaurant when you order something that isn’t on the menu, the waiter gives you an approving nod, and you proceed to have an excellent meal.  I’ve ordered the same thing there since it opened, and even when they took it off the menu I kept ordering.  Rudy’s Request: three pork tacos with corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, and their fabulous green cilantro salsa.  I heart Luna.

Dinner–Some green grapes, pretzel sticks with Nutella, and Chobani Mango greek yogurt.  Lots of protein, lots of fiber…solid, simple, light meal.

Tomorrow we/I begin the process of packing up to move.  Fifty days!

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