Day 167–Stephan Pyles

I would like to apologize to my sister for ever making fun of her sleeping habits growing up. With our growing family, finding room to sleep is becoming an exercise in flexibility. Grandma takes the guest room, Abby and I are in Jenna’s old room, which has become a second guest room…and if Jenna and Seth are here too, I’m not sure what happens.  Someone gets the backyard?  Anyways, Jenna’s room is brighter than mine (more outside lights), is next to the driveway (so when cars arrive/leave its loud) and is closer to my parents’ room, so if they move around you can hear them.  It makes sleeping interesting to say the least, so last night was a restless one.  The good news is that we didn’t have much to do today…so I could sleep in and relax a bit.  Good times.

Got sunburned, got to see good friends at the wedding, and had an AMAZING dinner at Stephan Pyles in Downtown Dallas.  But of course, that’s what the food recap is for.

Breakfast–Biscuits and sausage!  I had two biscuits and two sausage patties.

Lunch–Whataburger…God bless Texas.  I had a single patty whataburger with bacon, but I resisted the fries and just had water to drink.  Good burger though.

Dinner–After Amanda Collier/Hogan’s wedding, we hopped on over to Stephan Pyles, located conveniently next to the DMA (where the reception was) and also conveniently one of my parents’ favorite restaurants.  Here’s the rundown:

—Amuse Bouche: Lobster, watermelon, basil, and a fennel broth.  It was really good, although mine was a bit oily, my dad’s was too salty…apparently the finishing touches were a tad scattered.

—Appetizer: Sea scallop and crispy pork belly (read: bacon) with a puree of celeriac and a salad of blood orange and cilantro.  It was INCREDIBLE.  I’d eat that every day.

—Main Course: Grilled salmon with a coconut broth and a mango slaw, as well as a smoky black bean-banana mash.  It was also freakishly good…the banana/bean mash was good on everything, including Abby’s steak with spicy barbecue sauce.  Delicious.

—Dessert: Abby and I “split” (read: I ate most of them) contemporary smores (marshmallow creme, graham cracker semifreddo, and chocolate croquette) and what they call Heaven and Hell cake: Angel food cake, devil’s food cake, peanut butter mousse, and milk chocolate ganache all layered together, served with chocolate filled raspberries, raspberry mousse, and a raspberry puree.  They were both amazing…I brought some of the cake home for tomorrow.

So yeah, calorie/health/losing weight-wise, today SUCKED.  Entertainment wise?  The best. I love Dallas.


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