Day 166–Watermelon Juice

Today we made our trek to Plano for Amanda’s wedding.  Unlike previous trips, Abby got out of school pretty early, so we didn’t wait until 7 to leave–we took off at noon to brave the traffic.  I can honestly say I spent at least an hour of the trip driving 90+ mph (along with everyone else on 45), and yet it still took us 4.5 hours to get home.  I hate Houston.

When we got here, we were greeted by two wonderful presents: getting to spend time with my grandma and a home cooked meal from my mom.  Sad to say, this may be the first time in two weeks we’ve had home cooked meals two nights in a row.  I failed as the cook.  Tonight’s spread more than made up for the absence though!

Breakfast–About a third of a cup of Bare Naked Peak granola w/ flax, the honey with blueberries kind.  Its good, although a bit expensive and a bit high on the calories.  Granola is such a great product as long as you don’t eat a lot of it…double-edged sword.

Lunch–Arby’s, as is tradition.  I had a large roast beef with fries and a Dr. Pepper…not healthy, but I think if I had eaten something less satisfying the drive would have killed me.  It was so good…I heart Arby’s.

Dinner–Grilled filet, marinated in soy and wasabi, thinly sliced and put on grilled crostini with caramelized onions, fresh butterbeans, and sauteed potatoes, onions, zucchini, and okra breaded with cornmeal.  It was an incredible meal…my mom rocks.  To go along with it, I wanted something cool and refreshing, so I stopped by and got a seedless watermelon on the way home that I cubed and blended it with some lime juice, then strained it all into a solid beverage.  Watermelon and lime is a great flavor combo…I don’t know why I hadn’t used it before!

Dessert–My mom made lemon crockpot cake, which is exactly what it sounds like (cake made in a crock pot…) but I resisted the temptation!  I was high on calories from Arby’s and ate enough beans (protein and fiber) and veggies (fiber) to keep me full from dinner.

Tomorrow I can hopefully work out some, get in the pool, and give myself a little leeway on the total cals.  Good to be home…and every time I see a Colorado vacation commercial, it gives me chills.  Less than two months!


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