Day 165–Recovery

I’m back.  For good.  Our VBS schedule destroyed my life, however, the shows over!  I must say–and I would NEVER unnecessarily brag about my acting prowess–I actually did a really good job.  Last year was child’s play: two lines and a single song.  This year I played 5 different characters, had some solo singing lines…it was a lot of fun.  That being said, the schedule from 6-8:30 every night for the last couple of weeks really screwed up my eating habits.  If I wanted to hang out with my friends, I had to stay up really late…it was bad news bears.  So I’m back.  Back to blogging, back to eating well…and I can still achieve my goal of hitting 220 by July 21st.  Here we go.

Breakfast/Lunch–I had a massive smoothie filled with raspberries, cherries, and some lime juice.  It was wonderful…and filling.  I ate it around 10 o’clock and didn’t eat a full meal until 7:30.  Boom.  It also served the purpose of cleaning out our freezer a bit, which we need to start doing before we MOVE TO COLORADO IN UNDER TWO MONTHS.  YEAH!!!

Snack–I made a tray of roasted mixed nuts with some brown sugar, salt, black pepper, cayenne, and garlic powder on them.  Delicious, protein, healthy fats…perfect snack.  I had 2/3 of a cup, which is a little high for calories, but since I didn’t eat lunch I think its okay.

Dinner–Roasted broccoli with garlic and lemon juice, roasted potatoes with salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes, and chicken fingers breaded with fresh rosemary, lemon zest, and panko.  A FANTASTIC meal…felt good to cook again.  And to eat normally.

We head to Dallas tomorrow for my good friend Amanda Collier’s wedding.  As a bonus, I also get to see my grandmother, parents, and some friends, so it should be a great time.  Oh, and my mom’s cooking dinner tomorrow. HECK YES.

Good to be back…I hope people still read this!


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