Day 151–Date Afternoon/Night

Today was a rare occurrence:  Abby had some time off from school and I got to spend it with her!  We went and saw X Men: First Class, which was AMAZING.  If you’re a dork and you like superhero movies like I do, this is a must-see.  Added bonus: the awkward kid from About a Boy, also a great movie, is Beast in this one.  Amazing how they grow up.  Two complaints however:  I wanted more Darwin and thought Angel was a completely useless character.  I very rarely root for meaningless supporting characters to die, but I got my pom-poms out for that one.  I won’t ruin it and tell you if I was able to fully rejoice or not.

Because it was date day, the food choices weren’t so great.  I still don’t order well at restaurants.  I think, because I cook relatively well, that I shy away from the healthier options at restaurants because (for instance) a pasta dish at Olive Garden that consists of penne, basil, olive oil, and roma tomatoes is a considerable rip off if they charge more than 2 dollars, which of course they do.  So I’m slowly getting my brain wrapped around that idea, but its taking longer than my waistline and overall health would like.

Breakfast–Fiber One bar, because I wasn’t sure what our eating plans were for the day and I didn’t know when Abby would be home for lunch.  Unfortunately, I had way more time than I allotted, so breakfast didn’t tide me over well–a crucial misstep for a weight loss attempt.

Lunch–Olive Garden.  We did the soup, salad, and breadsticks and then split an appetizer of fried calamari (for me) and fried zucchini (for Abby).  I had the minestrone, which wasn’t as good as it normally was, to go with overly dressed salad and breadsticks soaked in butter.  Needless to say, I ate the calamari and picked at everything else.  The good/bad news is that it left room for dessert…something called the triple chocolate strata, which was just as luscious and dense as it sounds.  It also wasn’t that good…needed some salt or something to make the flavors pop. I’ve had/made better.

Dinner–After the movie and VBS practice, we went to Gringo’s over by church.  I had the tortilla soup…my old standby.  It’ll be one of the few food things about Houston I’ll miss.

I also did some planks, curls, body-weight squats and whatnot while fiddling around the apartment this morning.  It’s easy to do weight work with free time…not so much on the cardio.  I’ll work on that.


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