Day 150–Hiatus

Sorry for the break folks.  At some point in the last week or so, my sleep schedule got thrown horrendously out of whack.  Like, stay up until 3/sleep until noon out of whack.  Its really hard to eat well when you sleep through breakfast and dinner happens eight hours before you go to bed.  The funny thing is, because I haven’t been eating normally (which should be read as skipping meals…) I haven’t gained a lot of weight.  In fact, due to some well placed workouts, I think I’m actually leaner than I was a week ago. So…no damage done? At least until I start eating normally again and my metabolism commits suicide.

Breakfast–Fried egg sandwich.  Two eggs, bacon, and some fresno chile on whole wheat toast.  It was delicious…and incredibly heavy.  Screwed lunch pretty badly.

Lunch?–I had an apple with two tablespoons of chocolate peanut butter around 2 or so.  It was a great snack.

Dinner #1–Steel cut oats with brown sugar, cinnamon, and sliced almonds.  It helped tide me over for VBS practice.

Dinner #2–Jimmy John’s!  I had a turkey and bacon Unwich (no bread) with cucumber, onion, and oregano, with a bag of Jimmy’s BBQ chips.  For my money, the best BBQ chips ever made.  Even with the high calorie content.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be doing VBS practice which should screw up most nights.  However, because its summer, if I use my free time wisely I should be able to stay on track!

Speaking of staying on track, since I messed up last time (didn’t even come close actually…) with my goal of losing ten pounds by graduation, we have to set new goals.  I’d like to lose those same 10 pounds–be down to 220–by Abby’s birthday, July 21st.  That will be my gift to her…a healthier husband.  And I bought her a sewing machine that she’s been using, happily, for the last few weeks.  So this is my free gift to her.


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