Day 143–What Up Summer?

I suppose, according to the school calendar, that my summer officially didn’t start until yesterday.  It has gotten off to quite a bang though, with VBS practice, working out, new TV shows (Franklin and Bash! It doesn’t suck!), summer food, and a renewed sense of health.  That being said, I’m still known for my baked goods, so some flourless peanut butter cookies make an appearance today, but its about as simple as you could possibly imagine, with no added oil.  So score!

Breakfast–Cherry Fage w/ honey and a Fiber One bar.  Start out strong…since it was like 10:30 when I got up.  God bless summer.

Lunch–Some leftover skirt steak from last night (sorry about the lack of post…wasn’t feeling it) with anaheim pepper and red bell pepper in an omelette.  Delicious…and the lazy option.

Snack–Pink Lady apple with chocolate peanut butter.  Great snack, and I LOVE Pink Lady apples.  If anyone wants to buy me some, I’ll take them.

Dinner–Mini pita pockets, whole wheat, with deli turkey, lettuce, and some sriracha sauce.  They were a great light meal, especially because four of them were 500 calories.

Dessert–The aforementioned PB cookies.  The traditional 1-1-1 cookies…1 cup peanut butter (some regular, some chocolate), 1 cup sugar (although I just did 2/3 cup brown sugar), and 1 egg. I also threw some chocolate chips in there.  Mix, throw in a 350 degree oven for about 10-12 minutes (depending on cookie size) and enjoy.  They’re flourless and leavening-less, so they were incredibly dense, but they tasted great.  I don’t know if they’re good enough to send to school with Abby, but not a bad start.

So there ya go.  Tomorrow, the Toys come back, more VBS practice (I get to be a possessed pig…), and some fish.  Get pumped!


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