Day 133–Something About a Horse

Apologies for my lack of posting yesterday.  We were at the St. Germains’ house until close to 12:30 am, after watching my Mavs go up a game (holla!) and watching my first episode of SNL in probably seven years.  The game was awesome…SNL was passable.  I think everyone should just come out and admit that Justin Timberlake is a freakishly talented individual and all men should either admire him or hate him.  There is no middle ground.  I also think we should admit that Lady Gaga is just a freak. Yowza.

Anyways, since we were out so late and I was in charge of teaching class this morning at church, which went extremely well, I didn’t stay up and blog.  Sorry.  It was really good though, because the good times with friends, along with baking sweet rolls from heaven yesterday, and lots of extra sleep, have worked together to renew my faith in myself.  Today was great!

Breakfast–The aforementioned sweet rolls.  Blood orange marmalade, white chocolate, and Nancy’s sweet roll recipe combine into bliss.  Great breakfast, great snack, great dessert…all three of which I indulged in today.

Lunch–We had a Teachers’ Appreciation lunch at Sugar Grove today for those of us that help out with the Sunday morning classes, catered by Fajita Express.  I probably went a bit overboard, but I had two chicken and two beef fajitas with some Mexican rice and pico de gallo.  This is another meal where my aversion to cheese and sour cream helps me BIG time in the calorie department.

Dinner–Whole wheat shells with rosemary-lemon chicken breast, zucchini, and red onion.  It’s amazing as time as gone on in this little battle of the bulge how little I can get away with eating now.  I just assumed I HAD to eat a whole chicken breast, because that’s what I’ve always eaten.  Turns out, Abby and I can easily split one and be completely satisfied.

Exercise–EXERCISE!!  Welcome back old friend.  Lots of weights, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the elliptical, at least 200 calories burned.  And it felt gooooooood.

Dessert–Another sweet roll. Gotta love it.

Finals start tomorrow–the beginning of the end.  Boom.


Day 131–Burned Out

It’s official.  I’m burned out. Done. Exhausted.  I want to eat junk food and lay around and sleep in.  I’m tired of working out, I’m tired of trying to cook healthy food…I’m just burned.  I hope the end of school helps restart my ability to care, but I did the same thing last year…and the year before that.  Heaven help my waistline.

Today was the last day of school, and the first time I told my students that I’m leaving Houston in August.  The reactions were about what I expected, but it didn’t hurt any less.  I love those kids, even the crazy ones (Caleb…), and leaving them is going to be incredibly difficult, no matter how excited I am about Denver or getting back into church ministry.  I even had one amazing conversation with Curran today that made everything about the last two years completely worth it.  God is good…all the time.

Breakfast–Toastwich, with peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam.  Trying to get back on the protein kick.

Lunch–Salad with spicy chile tuna, cucumbers, and carrots.  Oh, and a cupcake. I suck at this.

Dinner–Subway.  Footlong turkey, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, jalapeno and black pepper.  Deliciousness.  Also had candy at our last movie night of the year. Again…suckitude.

So after next week I’m officially on summer break, and the rejuvenation can’t come fast enough.

Day 129–Senior Chapel Edition

Not gonna lie…Senior Chapel got to me a bit today.  Watching kids that I’ve taught and seen grow up over the last two years walk down that center aisle and get the attention and adoration they truly deserve was awesome. To the class of 2011–you guys are amazing.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

While there were moments of happiness today, there was also the terrible realization that my attempts to lose weight have gone the wrong direction recently.  Due to laziness and busyness and a host of other reasons broadly labeled “stupidity” the numbers are getting bigger, not smaller.  This has been a wasted week so far, so I plan on working out tomorrow before our Mavs/Thunder watching party.  Which I of course am making a cheesecake for.  Sigh.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Oat Revolution oatmeal.  Trying to get back on track…

Lunch–Firehouse subs Club on a Sub.  Turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, onions, and some stone-ground mustard.  It was a great lunch with Megan Gilbert.  Because of Senior Chapel we were on pep rally schedule, so we got our longer lunch today. Gloriousness.

Snack–I’m weak. Pop tarts and Fage with honey.

Dinner–Because I don’t plan well and it took me around 5 hours to make this #$@#($ cheesecake, Abby got us Chick Fila.  She’s the best, bailing my butt out when I didn’t get dinner made.  Spicy chicken sandwich and fruit cup.  So overall this wasn’t a terrible calorie day, but I once again didn’t work out and once again my metabolism is sitting dormant.

If you read this and see me/talk to me regularly, please help me stay on track.  Obviously my willpower has died and needs resurrecting, and I won’t be able to do it on my own!

Day 128–Abby Has Survived Two Years of Marriage

Today is our second wedding anniversary!  Two years ago today I made the second best decision of my life, and its been an incredible ride.  I’m blessed by my better half and I look forward to what the future may hold for us!

In health related news, I HAVE to work out more.  This is a disaster.  I can eat as well as I want and if I don’t do things to rev up metabolism I’m just going to stay the same weight.  I know getting out of school will help, but excuses will do nothing but hold me back.  I did a bit of yoga today, which was just weird, and planned on working out some but Abby got home from school early.  Hopefully there will be some hard work in my future.

Breakfast–Pop tarts.  By far the stupidest thing I’ve purchased in the last 128 days.  What an idiotic move.

Lunch–Salad with grilled chicken, carrots, and dried mango.  It was a bit bland, but still not a terrible lunch.

Snack–Cracked black pepper and sea salt chips.  By far my favorite kind of chip, because of the clean flavor and the bite of the pepper. Delicious.

Anniversary Dinner–Got some Thai food from Nit Noi.  Thai fried rice with chicken and then glass noodles with egg, chicken, and some spices.  A great meal, and there’s enough leftover for another meal! Bonus!

I suppose it all could be worse, but I hate justifying my stupid decisions.  I need to lose weight, and I need to do it as soon as possible.  Anything else is unacceptable.  Time to knuckle down.

Day 127–Seeing Red

I don’t know how this slipped my mind for the weekend post, but allow me to correct an oversight: GLORY, GLORY, MAN UNITED!!  NINETEEN BABY!!  My newly beloved Red Devils collected some fancy hardware this weekend, winning an EPL record nineteenth title in less-than-dramatic fashion, fashioning a draw against a lower-tier club, but earning the necessary point.  It’s fun to celebrate, especially with the near-misses from FC Dallas, the Rangers, the Stars falling just short of the playoffs, Texas hoops collapsing, Texas football never rising high enough to actually collapse…tough sports year.  Thank heavens for the boys in red.

Also, I had a rough day at work. Very, VERY, rough day. So angry it literally had me shaking. So…double entendre anyone?

Breakfast–Two blueberry Nutrigrain Eggos.  I was running a bit slow today, with some gardening and trash and laundry and lots of medial stuff to get life ready before going back to work.

Lunch–In what would be called icing on the cake in less painfully ironic times, today’s school lunch was actually spectacular.  Chicken fried steak, steamed snow peas and garlic braised collard greens with a banana on the side.  Too bad they waited until the last week of school for the good stuff.  I’d also like to take this time to announce that I weighed myself this morning and I’m still at 229…hanging on by the slimmest of threads, that I’m pretty sure I snapped with brute force this evening.

Snack–Poptarts!  They were on sale…dang sales.

Dinner–Pei Wei in order to drown my sorrows in Chinese food.  I had Thai Dynamite shrimp with edamame that I’m sure broke every caloric barrier I ever even considered erecting…but it was worth it.

Exercise–Couple of laps around the apartment complex with my dearly beloved.

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary, and Abby will spend it doing Grand Rounds while I sit at home and prep for finals.  Being an adult SUCKS.

Day 126–I’m Baaaaaaack!

Abilene was AWESOME.  I think one of the unfortunate things about leaving Houston for trips, be it to something as exotic as Hawaii last year or as mundane (to some) as Abilene, is that it reminds how awesome other places are both on their own and in relation to H-town.  The pace of life in Abilene, the people, the weather…all bonus.  In fact, it was 48 degrees Friday night in Abilene. 48!  Went from sweating my tail off just walking to my car in Houston to upper forties.  God bless Abilene.

Graduation went well.  This was my fifth ACU graduation in the last four years, and I can honestly say I’m done with them until I once again cross the stage for my empty purple tube.  I’ve heard most of the faculty, sung the same songs over and over, and lost 10 hours of my life I’ll never get back.  That being said, being able to celebrate Katy’s achievement was an honor.  I know she’s worked hard and to see her recognized for that was pretty cool.  I have some amazing in-laws, and every time I’m around them its a reminder of just what a blessing they are in my life.

As for the food…not so good.  My grandmother, Nancy, is an incredible chef.  In fact, she had her own catering business once upon a time, and it definitely shows.  When we walked in the door in Buffalo Gap we were greeted by steak, roasted potatoes, salad, green beans and a homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing. That of course required ice cream.  Needless to say, we didn’t get off on the right foot fitness-wise, and it didn’t get a whole lot better.  Waffles, Rosa’s, celebration cake, Cracker Barrel, random snacks and bizarre-ish eating times…not so good for the waistline.  I’ll weigh in and report back tomorrow, but I would guess that the 220s were a pipe dream that evaporated due to my laziness.  Lesson learned…painfully.

Here’s the rundown for today:

Breakfast–The aforementioned Cracker Barrel. I was immediately and rightfully skeptical because CB doesn’t publish their nutritional information online, so I tried as best I could to be healthy.  I had their multigrain and granola pancakes, with actual oats and dried fruit in the pancake batter, two eggs, and some bacon.  Could be worse…could be better.  The pancakes were topped with sliced bananas instead of syrup to try to help a bit.

Lunch–Subway.  I only got the six inch of my usual, and amazingly it filled me up!  I’d noticed recently that when I ate a footlong it was kind of a chore to eat the second half…something I did because it was there, not because I needed or wanted it.  So money saved, and my stomach is shrinking a little bit!  Small victories…gotta love them.

Snack–An apple bran muffin from Cracker Barrel that I brought home with me.  I know muffins are dangerous, and rightfully so, but it was still better than most filling things I could have eaten at our sparsely filled apartment.  And it was delicious…so yeah.

Dinner–Life Groups!  I love those guys…first really good friends we’ve made since we moved to Westbury where we just sit and hang out forever.  I love (some) of the people I work with at WCS and can sit with them for hours, but for Abby and I both to make the connection is pretty special.  Anyways, we had cereal for dinner, a brilliant and cheap idea.  I had a bowl of Fruit Loops and a bowl of Corn Pops.  Not the healthiest choice I suppose, but (commence groaning) I gotta have my pops!

So there you go.  Tomorrow begins the last real week of school, and I can literally feel the burden lifting off my shoulders as time creeps along.  Looking forward to working out tomorrow and getting back on the vegetable train…healthy eating FTW!

Weekend Update

Just a heads up–because we will be in Abilene for Katy Linda’s graduation, I won’t be posting until Sunday night. I’ll still be tracking calories and taking detailed notes to regale you with my hilariousness, but daily posts aren’t an option in Buffalo Gap. Try not to cry.