Day 141–Hammer of Thor

I. Love. Summer.  To recap the last 48 hours (and explain why I missed yesterday’s post): church, lunch with the St. Germains, nap, Senior Teas, Civilizations until 1 am (and I lost because I was dumb…sad day), sleeping in, breakfast, grocery shopping, lunch, Thor, dinner, Rangers win, sleep.  Boom.  I’m looking forward to two months of this…or like a week until I act mature and get a job.

Thor was really good.  Not the best, and it could have been more, but I was thoroughly entertained. Chris Hemsworth was good, Tom Hiddleston was excellent, and Natalie Portman mailed it in as eye candy, which was funny because Jaimie Alexander is way more attractive.  Whoops.  It does make me excited for The Avengers, although ***SPOILER ALERT*** it’ll be interesting to see how they get him back on Earth.  I have faith in Whedon to pull it off.

Breakfast–Veggie scramble.  It would have been an omelette, but I packed it with so many veggies the eggs couldn’t hold it together.  So three eggs, zucchini, anaheim pepper, and red onion.  Boom. Delicious.

Lunch–China Stix!!  My favorite chinese food potentially ever.  I had a chicken and vegetable teriyaki rice bowl, Abby had chicken fried rice, and we split pork dumplings.  The problem is that Abby hates China Stix…she orders the same thing every time, hates it every time, and wonders why nothing changes.  So today she ordered something new…and still didn’t like it.  Whoops.  At least I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow…

Thor–Sour Patch Fruits.  The best candy ever, bar none.  Sour Patch Kids are great, but the fruit flavors are over the top.  Good candy, good movie.

Dinner–Italian sausage from HEB sauteed with garlic, yellow onion, and kale, tossed with whole wheat spaghetti.  Pasta is becoming one of my favorite meals again because its so versatile, and with the whole wheat variety it (in moderation) in pretty good for you.

Tomorrow should be cleaning, working out, maybe getting my hair did…who knows.  Summer is upon us, and I’m thrilled.


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