Day 138–Graduation

I’m officially done at WCS, as are 74 of my closest friends.  The Class of 2011 went out with quite the bang in a great ceremony, highlighted by an amazing valedictory address and a jubilant tossing of headwear.  I’ll truly miss you guys…you were a great class and I’m honored to have had the chance to teach many of you.  I also look forward to being that guy who points at the TV in 20 years and says “I taught that kid! He/She just cured cancer, and I taught them about the Bible. Woo!”  Because honestly, we all know I am that guy.

Breakfast–Mango Chobani with honey.  Kept it simple today since we were having our faculty luncheon.  Mistake.

Lunch–Deep fried chicken stuffed with goat cheese and spinach, or in other terms, “guess what I didn’t eat today.”  So I had salad, rolls, and the mocha/chocolate/cheesecake/mousse dessert thing that was served.  It was delicious, but what the heck was it?

Dinner–Baked chicken breast with pineapple couscous and a watermelon-jalapeno salsa.  The salsa was AMAZING.  The couscous was great.  The chicken was…there.  Good, but just kinda there.  Eating protein is the hardest part of losing weight, especially when my wife doesn’t like fish.  Gotta work on that this summer.

Dessert–Blended up some watermelon and the juice of one lime into a watermelon-lime juice drink.  It was a tad chunky, but tasted fantastic.  That may be my new favorite flavor combo–watermelon and lime.  Oh yeah.

Short post today…I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow we have the Farmers’ Market, Laura’s graduation brunch, Civilizations, and the UEFA Champions League final.  GO MAN U!!


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