Day 137–Culinary Adventures

So…school is done. Gave the last final this morning and was home by 11 o’clock, which is fantastic. Tomorrow I finalize grades, clean the room up, go to a luncheon, then graduation…and then sometime next week I should be completely checked out and ready to go.  Kinda weird to think I only have a couple of days left at WCS, but at the same time I’m very ready for the next chapter in my life, whatever that my be.

Today was a celebration of sorts, and for us that usually means eating out and trying new things.  We very rarely go to movies, concerts, sporting events, etc., so our entertainment budget is all wrapped up in food.  On a possibly related note, I’m overweight.  For lunch we went to Freebirds, Abby’s favorite burrito (long live Chipotle!) and then for dinner we tried a Korean Barbecue place called Kobecue.  It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t spectacular either.  It’s only been open a month, so I know there’s room for improvement and growth.  I kinda want to go back and just talk to them about Korean barbecue, what that means/looks like/base ingredients and try to develop a feel for the flavors and background.  In fact, that may be my first “post-grad” project next week.  We’ll see…

Breakfast–Oat Revolution FTW!  Seriously, great oatmeal. Try it. I’ll wait.

Lunch–I lied, I’m not waiting. Just eat it tomorrow morning, then report back.  I had a steak Freebird on a chipotle tortilla with black beans, fried garlic, grilled veggies, cilantro rice, a splash of hot salsa, corn salsa, and a side of roasted salsa and chips.  It was really good, but not Chipotle good (although the meat was excellent…Freebird’s steak is incredible) so I’m not a convert. Yet.

Exercise–I beasted it today.  I went to the gym and the basketball court was empty, so I just shot around for a while.  Turns out shooting hoops is a lot like riding a bike, only for the first thirty minutes you keep falling off the bike and running into stationary vehicles.  I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn for half an hour, and then all of a sudden my mechanics snapped back into place and I couldn’t miss.  One of my last shots popped the net so hard it twisted itself into a knot, only I’m so fat and grounded now I couldn’t jump up to grab the rim and fix it.  After shooting, I ran a mile to work out some soreness and then did weights, culminating in some body weight + 70lb squats with free weights that I know I’ll be feeling tomorrow morning.  Totally worth it though…and I do love me some basketball.

Dinner–The aforementioned Kobecue.  We split fried dumplings that tasted like they were frozen and dumped in a deep fryer, and I had sweet and spicy wings while Abby had the beef.  The beef was good…and that was about it.  The carrots were mushy, the broccoli was in massive hunks almost too big to eat, the wings were so crunchy you couldn’t taste chicken…it wasn’t good.  Again, room for growth.

Dessert–We went to Yogurtland, courtesy of my sister Jenna and her gift card Christmas present to Abby, and we met Emily Holloman and her mother there.  I went with the pineapple guava and mango with lots of fruit toppings, and it was delicious!  The pineapple guava is my new favorite flavor…I hope they keep it.  Anyways, great yogurt, excellent company, lots of laughing…a good way to celebrate a fantastic day.

Now lets roll it back and do it again tomorrow!


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