Day 136–VBS

Last night we had VBS practice before the Mavs game (MFFL) to get ready for this years performance.  Last year I was “Man 2” and this year I’ve been upgraded to “Man 1.”  Clearly they know talent when they see it.  Some of our songs are amazing, and some of them I’ve never heard of before, so I get to not only tell people about the Gospel but I also get some culture out of it.  Double bonus.

Speaking of the Mavs, how ’bout Dirk?  It takes great cajones to take that second three, not to mention drain it.  I still fear Miami or Chicago, but its been a fun ride to this point.

Breakfast–I love Oat Revolution.  It’s good, filling, and only 130 calories.  That last fact will be incredibly important in a couple of lines.

Lunch–After finals yesterday, Gilbert, Burton, Tinkler and I all went to Chick Fila, where I admittedly went a bit overboard.  I had a Spicy Chicken sandwich, fries, and a cookies and cream milkshake that was incredible.  I’m pretty sure the calories I saved at breakfast went right out the window with lunch.  C’est la vie.

Snack–Pop Tarts.  It was my last pack, and I’m weak.

Dinner–Sauteed onions, yellow squash, craisins, fresno chiles, garlic, and kale mixed with brown rice, seasoned with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.  Unfortunately, this fresno (unlike the two I used the previous days…) was incredibly hot. Abby could barely eat it, and even I thought it was spicy.  No bueno.  It was very good though!

Dessert–Gummi bears while watching the Mavs with JToy.  Painful for him, but OKC has a really good team going forward…I feel good about their future.  However, as Rick Carlisle said…our time is now.  Bring on the Finals!


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